C-TPAT is a cooperative program between U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

and the trade community and is designed to improve cargo security throughout the supply chain

from foreign production through importation.


The goal of the program is to protect the USA against acts of terrorism by improving

security while simultaneously speeding the processing of compliant cargo and carriers.


C-TPAT recognizes the diverse business models employed by the international

trade community and allows for flexibility and customization in implementing a security

program.  Participation in the program is limited to importers, U. S./Canada highway carriers,

U. S./ Mexico highway carriers, rail, sea and ocean carriers, U. S. marine terminal operators,

U. S. air and ocean freight consolidators, Mexican and Canadian manufacturers, certain invited

foreign manufacturers and licensed customs brokers.


Network Brokers International, Inc., is a certified C-TPAT participant. 


Importers and other supply chain service providers that choose to participate in C-TPAT agree

to formalize a security plan that leverages their business and service providers to increase

security practices.  In return, CBP offers C-TPAT importers a number of benefits. 


Please go to the following U. S. Customs and Border Protection website for full application

information and details on how this program may benefit your company:





Please let us know if you are interested in applying for the program.